This weekend, I left behind my comfortable retreat from the world in rural Pennsylvania. Tears were shed, difficult packing decisions were made, and my poor little stuffed fox was molested by a TSA agent. I HATE GOODBYES, and I spent most of the final week saying goodbye to new friends, Chris’ family, and, of course, my darling Chris. It’s been a bittersweet few days. 

Jetlag aside, getting back into the groove of maintaining a relationship via the internet is a huge challenge. I mean, I don’t wish to sound spoiled; I know that a hundred years ago, if my fiancè were in America, I’d be waiting months to receive a letter, only to hear they’d died of scurvy or taken up with French Kate at the local brothel. Times are the best they’ve ever been for long-distancers.  

It’s not as though we haven’t dealt with this before.; we started off long-distance and spent many months perfecting the art of conducting a relationship digitally. But after almost a year of being around each other almost constantly, with only a couple of small interludes of being apart, the prospect of almost two months alone feels quite daunting. As much as I’m excited to see friends and family, and to be taking my solo show on the road, I know that all these things would be exponentially more exciting if I could share them with Chris.  

I’m trying to embrace what we have here right now. Falling back on my improv instincts to enjoy the moment, be here, be present, listen, and only respond to what’s right in front of me. That can be tough on stage; even tougher when the person you want to be with the most is an ocean and five timezones away.  

With that in mind, I’ll leave you with this wonderful song from Labi Siffre. Bless the telephone, and all its descendants!