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Whether you’re an individual performer looking to reach the next level, an improv team seeking coaching and guidance or in need of a director to hone your project, Rhiannon’s intuitive instruction will push you forward and beyond what you thought possible. 

Rhiannon consistently trains and refines her work. Her flair for the dramatic, combined with her experience and training from cultural institutions such as The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, make her an excellent colleague and consultant for anyone aiming for performance excellence. 



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Rhiannon coaching a group of improvisers

rhiannon’s specialities

Rhiannon consults on both individuals and groups, tailoring her skills to your needs. She’ll help you develop a customised plan to your unique position.

one-to-one coaching

Whether you’re an actor or improviser looking to upskill, or a professional looking for public speaking and higher confidence, Rhiannon gives you the tools you need to unlock your potential.  

group classes

Rhiannon offers a variety of classes independently, and teaches via a number of international drama and improv institutions. If you’re a group or theatre looking to teach a particular skill or style, Rhiannon can create classes tailored to your needs.

Directing and coaching

If you need an overarching vision for a production or want to push your team to new heights, Rhiannon can use her laser insight to guide you in the right direction.

A Different Approach

Rhiannon is dedicated to honouring your unique personality, talents, and culture, and bringing all of you out in all that you do.

Rhiannon’s methods hinge on kindness and compassion, and she always strives to make the best of your performance while ensuring you feel supported and fulfilled in all you do.



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performing with a group (peter pan montage)