Here’s what other people think of Rhiannon:

“Rhiannon is one of the most skilled improv tutors out there. She fosters a highly supportive environment where you build the confidence together to extend far beyond your self-imposed limitations, driving you hard when you need it. Above all, studying with her is huge fun. Ditch your pre-conceived ideas and come to learn.”– Maggie Tolmie, Actor and Workshop Participant

“Rhiannon is a remarkable improv director and performer. I have such respect for her warmth, empathy and commitment to championing diversity and inclusivity within the art form.”

– Chris Mead, Hoopla Impro, Project2, Unmade Theatre Co.

“Rhiannon meets her players where they are with kindness and firm guidance, and has brought the best out of me as a player. She consistently looks for ways to nourish the talents working with her in thoughtful and creative ways. Rhiannon’s directorial talent is unique and exceptional.”

– Scarlett Bell, Improviser and Workshop Participant

“I enjoyed the knowledge, the exercises, the method of teaching, the kind, fun teacher. Importantly, the happy relationship that I’ve built with my diaphragm during the class has been great.”

– Tara Judah, MUBI critic, Improviser and Workshop Participant

“A total professional and passionate about the art of improv, Rhiannon was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Her show “Living, Dying, Dead” made its debut at Improv Fest Ireland, and the standard of performance was excellent. It was clear she had put a lot of work into the show’s development.”

– Neil Curran, Artistic Director of ImprovFest Ireland, Assistant Camp Director of Improv Utopia Ireland

“In 2021, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and working alongside Rhiannon. Internationally, she is a facilitator, coordinator, and community advocate. In addition to her calls for more diverse representation and safer communities, her work in handling and healing grief and improving accessibility are a boon.”

– Velvet Wells, Creator of All Request Radio.