All the below workshops are also available as online workshops. Rhiannon also offers one-to-one voice and acting tuition for children and adults, and coaching for improv teams. For bookings, contact rhiannonjenkins@live.co.uk, or use the "Contact" page above. 

Upcoming Workshops

Vocal Technique for Improvisers, ONLINE, 6 weeks from 9th March, 7-9pm GMT:


Vocal Technique for Improvisers, IN-PERSON, 12th March, 11am-2pm GMT, The Free Association:

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Available Workshops

Acting for Improvisers - Emotional Recall.

Do you wish you had more "acting chops" when improvising? In this workshop, we will explore sense memory and emotional recall as a way to fully immerse yourself in scenes. Using techniques developed by practitioners such as Stanislavsky, we will draw from your own memories to discover your acting potential. 

Acting for Improvisers - GOTE.

This is an experimental workshop, taking exercises usually used in scripted work, and applying them to improv. We will explore Robert Cohen's "Goals, Obstacles, Tactics, and Expectations", to see how this practice can be used in non-scripted theatre. 

Acting through song.

Do you find yourself at a loss for words when improvising songs? Are your improvised songs coming from your head and not your heart? In this workshop, we will explore exercises and techniques traditionally used in scripted Musical Theatre to help you bring dynamic and truthful acting into your improvised singing. We will work on truth, vulnerability, and emotional clarity to bring out the heightened emotions needed for truly engaging musical improv.  

Death, dying, and bereavement: an improvised journey (also available as a 4-week course). 

An examination of how we can approach death, dying, bereavement, and grief through improvisation.  

Ever found yourself on stage in a death scene, and stalled? Unsure how to approach these difficult subjects? Want to bring more pathos to your improv? Then this is the workshop for you.  

In this workshop, we will examine our relationships with the end of life, how we can represent these relationships truthfully onstage, and how we can treat our fellow players and audiences with compassion and humour while approaching these tough topics.  

We will discover together what death and bereavement mean for you, and how you can realistically portray end of life scenes in front of an audience.  

Finding your flow: Periods, performing, and you. 

In this 4-session course, we will explore how menstruation and the cycles of our body can be utilised to make our improvisation and performance easier, more fun, and more engaging.

This course examines our connection with our hormonal cycles, for anyone whose body or spirit has a relationship to menstruation. The course is not designed to only cater to cis-women, and TERFs and anti-trans sentiment will not be met with welcome in this space. We will explore the seasons of our bodies and examine our strengths and limitations in each of these different intervals.

Hot Under the Collar

With a focus on consent, confidence building, and fun, this class will teach you a variety of techniques to discover your hot and sexy self. Learn how to flirt, create intimate scenes, and find your own brand of hotness.

How to be Sexy - co-taught with Stephen Davidson (also available as a 4-week course). 

An improv class that focuses on being sexy. Learn how to flirt, stage intimate moments, and own your own unique brand of hotness. Sexiness in improv needs confidence, safety, encouragement, and space. Rhiannon and Stephen are both experts in sexiness and holding space, and will help everyone in the room find their own way to be their hot and sexy self with confidence and pride.

Improv 101

In this intro to improv we will explore "yes, and", and help you find your spontaneity, confidence, and creativity. No acting or performance experience is required; just a desire to have fun! 


Intimacy on Zoom.

“Making real connections on zoom is impossible!”. Or is it? In this workshop, we will use a variety of techniques to help you create intimacy and share a strong connection with your scene partner. Together, we will explore a more grounded, affectionate, and tender way of playing whilst in the online space, with a focus on consent and trust.  

Let's get Physical.

Do you often find yourself in "talking heads" scenes? In this workshop, we will break out of that mould, and really tap into all the fun things our bodies can do. 

Listen Up!

In this workshop we will focus on putting all your attention on your scene partner, and taking in everything they're giving you. Become everyone's favourite improviser to play with! 

Singing technique for improvisers.

Would you like to extend your vocal range, strengthen your voice, and feel more confident with your singing? In this workshop, we will use a variety of vocal techniques and exercises to unlock the full range of your voice, and learn how to use your voice for singing in a healthy way. You will leave this workshop with a range of tools to strengthen and enrich your voice, and an understanding of how best to work with your voice on stage. For this workshop, I recommend participants are somewhere where they are able to stand, and (if you can get them) a straw and a wine bottle cork will be useful for some exercises. 

Vocal Technique for Improvisers (also available as a 6-week course).

Using a variety of vocal techniques, this workshop will help you discover the full power and potential of your voice.  Through voice work and posture, we will also focus on improving your vocal work for recorded mediums, and how best to work with the voice while playing online. You will leave this workshop with a variety of exercises to ensure you are using the maximum capacity of your voice, without strain or damage.

Who are you? Bringing yourself to the Stage.

In this workshop we will use a variety of exercises and techniques to encourage you to be more vulnerable, more truthful, and more yourself on stage. All this will help you be better able to connect with your scene partner, and more comfortable on stage.

Training & Workshops

The Free Association | Clowning Intensive with Zach Zucker

The Safe Zone Project | Foundational Safe Zone Training 

DoulaGivers | End of Life Doula Training Level One

Katy Schutte | Experimental Improv Intensive

John Hopkins University | Mental Health First Aid

The Improv Place | Masterclass in Teaching Improv

Katy Schutte | Write Your Solo Show

The Nursery Theatre | David Razowsky Intensive

London Youth | Safeguarding Training

Hoopla | Long Form Improv

Hoopla | Performance Improv

The Free Association | Intro to Improv

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama | Musical Theatre Diploma

Middleweek Newton Academy | Acting for Screen

Purple Moon Theatre | Workshop Facilitator Training

APC | Basic Stage Combat

Death, Dying, and Bereavement: an Improvised Journey, ONLINE, 6 weeks from 9th March, 9.30 - 11.30pm GMT: